Acupuncture Testimonial Stress & Insomnia

Over the past five months, I have had the pleasure of receiving weekly treatments from Richard.  I came to Richard with an interest in acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine in hopes of alleviating minor back pain and dealing with imbalances in my overall physical and mental health. I had very little knowledge of acupuncture and TCM but felt that handling these discomforts naturally could be the best and perhaps most effective way of improving my overall well-being.

Richard was able to administer one hour long acupuncture treatments each week and I was amazed with the results and change in my health.  Using needlework and massage therapy techniques, the pain in my back went away after a few sessions and I was impressed with the results even after the first treatment.  After several sessions, my back pain was gone nonetheless; I decided to continue with treatments focusing on my mental and emotional well-being.  At the time, I was living a very busy and stressful life and had trouble keeping focused and sleeping.  I had difficulty falling asleep and the treatments greatly improved my focus and concentration as well as sleep patterns.  I felt better immediately after the treatments and an improvement in overall mental clarity and emotional balance in the days following each session was sincerely appreciated.

Receiving treatments from Richard was a wonderful and most satisfying experience.  I highly recommend him to anyone remotely interested in improving their health.  I have moved from Auckland where I was receiving treatments from Richard, to the South Island of New Zealand and will deeply miss having the chance to readily meet with Richard.  However, I will certainly continue to meet with him whenever possible and look forward to hearing from others how he has improved their health.

Matthew Lady
Audio Engineer, America