60 MinuteTreatment Prices

Traditional Chinese Medical treatment, needling, cupping, moxa, guasha and myofascial release on affected areas.


  ACC treatments $30 


Acupuncture for injuries.
We require an ACC claim number to provide this service.

Cosmetic Acupuncture Treatment with Kristi McNair



After a personalised TCM facial diagnosis; treatment includes a blissful combination of Cosmetic Acupuncture, the tranquil art of Shiatsu facial massage, herbal rejuvenation serums and TCM anti aging tools. 

Mini Cosmetic Acupuncture Treatment with Kristi McNair 



Cosmetic Acupuncture needling to key facial areas incorporating application of herbal rejuvenation serums.
A great treatment to just target areas of concern or perfect to add after a regular acupuncture treatment. $100.






Our unique therapeutic bodywork style, blends massage and shiatsu techniques together to form a therapeutic & structural bodywork system adaptable from gentle release to deep remedial work.

Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine, based on your TCM diagnosis, signs and symptoms.  Patented herbal formulations -$35 per bottle of 78 capsules.