Acupuncture Testimonial For Lower Back Injury

I have been a client of Richard’s for many years now. In that time he has treated this former weekend warrior for a variety of injuries and ailments with his excellent range of skill sets.
I have used a number of therapists but none of whom can get the fast and long lasting results that I have had with Richard. He doesn’t just treat the symptoms he gets down to the cause. He is an expert with his massage and acupuncture techniques.
When I was competing in races ranging from running, cycling to the sky tower challenges I would see Richard a couple of days before an event and you could put money on it that I would beat my previous personal bests for that event as Richard would have me running at my optimum with a treatment prior to the event and I would have fewer injuries after the events as well. I would push myself hard at the gym and with my training regime the resultant injuries would go to see Richard, who would get me training again in a couple of treatments that would have taken three times longer to recover with other health care providers.

When I heard Richard was practising acupuncture I was apprehensive, as I hate needles. I can take a lot of pain but needles make me squeamish. Richard has helped me over come this fear and I have had treatments where I have had needles on my face which I never would have had anyone else do. I hardly felt the needles so he has a very good technique.

Richard is very professional and well organised and has a good rapport with people.  I have referred my friends and family to Richard and they were very impressed with his treatments and his level of professionalism and knowledge.
I experienced a significant injury to my spine where I had tried physios and chiropractors and was ready to go under the knife as nothing was working, which was further complicated by having a job where I was sitting for long periods of time. Richard suggested I try acupuncture for my back problem.  I have made good progress and I can train again without pain!! This weekend warrior is making a comeback under the strict guidance of Richard off course, which I really didn’t think I would do, let alone be able to run without pain. I have made speedy recoveries from colds and flu after being treated by Richard also.

I highly recommend Richard who has a wide range of techniques and customised treatments to ensure you will get maximum results quickly.


Accountant Auckland