Acupuncture Testimonial Shoulder Injury

"I approached Richard at Living Well Acupuncture after an accident to my right shoulder and an accumulation of sports over use injuries.   I have been worked on by other practitioners for these problems but wasn’t happy with the results.   

Richard has a friendly and professional approach and the insights he offered were impressive.  He was able to quickly diagnose a torn rotator cuff tendon and inflamed bursa in my shoulder with some simple tests. This was also confirmed by an ultra sound scan at his recommendation. It was really good to have Acupuncture covered by ACC with someone who could say what the problem was and give a time frame to resolve it.

Richard applied a combination of therapies using Acupuncture, Therapeutic Massage and Herbal supplements. As the underlying problems were addressed there was noticeable improvement. With the harder to fix injuries Richard was there with extra support until a much-appreciated resolution.

Richard has also suggested a program of preventive exercises and stretches as well as nutritional supplements to maintain my increase in mobility and well-being long term.  I am more than happy to recommend Richard for anyone requiring an expert diagnosis and treatment of those hard to fix injuries".